About Our Group

A luxury real estate marketing platform showcasing the world’s finest homes and the stories behind them.

Forbes Global Properties™ is the exclusive worldwide real estate partner of Forbes, one of the world’s most trusted media brands for the last 100 years. Established in 2020, we’re an exclusive consortium of top-tier real estate firms representing many of the world’s finest homes for sale. Membership in our network is reserved for the most distinguished brokerages in select cities and second home destinations.

Forbes Global Properties leverages the audience and worldwide reach of Forbes to engage, inform, and delight buyers and sellers of luxury properties.

What sets us apart?

  • Exceptional global brand representing quality, innovation, influence, and success
  • Our connection to Forbes' extraordinary digital ecosystem, which reaches 140 million consumers worldwide
  • Ultra-elite international network of carefully selected real estate firms
  • Primarily owned and run by brokerage firms, with a Forbes ownership stake creating an interest in our success
  • Dynamic and luxurious website
  • Direct access to buyer inquiry, dialogue and relationships without referral fees
  • Prominent placement in the forbes.com website navigation
  • Curated articles about properties, agents, and members on forbesglobalproperties.com and forbes.com
  • State-of-the-art agent tools
  • No other luxury real estate platform has the same global reach or media power as Forbes. Forbes Global Properties capitalizes on an engaged audience of millions of consumers, and presents the world’s finest properties paired with trusted market coverage and insights from recognized industry leaders.

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